Can Forever Stamps Be Used To Mail To Germany From The US?

If you need to send mail to someone in Germany from the USA you may be wondering whether or not you can use Forever Stamps to post them. Well, you’ll be happy to know that the answer is yes, you can. 

Can Forever Stamps Be Used To Mail To Germany From The US

In fact, not only is it possible to do so, it is arguable the easiest way to do so.

Global Forever Stamps at $1.40 is probably the easiest way to go about it but you can also use domestic Forever Stamps providing they add up to $1.40 altogether. 

You will need to keep in mind that extra postage will be required should your delivery be over 1 ounce in weight, but we’ll get to all of that soon. 

Now that we’ve established that you can use Forever Stamps, throughout this article, we’ll look at how you can use these stamps, and how many you’ll need in different instances.

By the time you’ve finished reading you should have a full understanding of exactly what stamps, and how many of them, you will need to shoot your package across to Germany

So without further ado, let’s jump straight into it. 

How Many Stamps Do I Need For A Letter To Germany? 

There isn’t one true answer for this question simply because it will vary depending on the weight of your package.

I would suggest grabbing your closest kitchen scales and weighing your item so you are sure of the weight.

From there you’ll want to round the weight up to the nearest ounce. And below you’ll find how many stamps you’ll need for each weight variation. 

One Ounce Packages

For a letter/package that weighs one ounce,  it’ll cost you $1.40 in postage.

This can be in the form of one Global Forever Stamp. The other option you have is to use three Domestic Forever Stamps but you will be overpaying slightly as this will come to $1.80. 

Two Ounce Packages

For a letter/package that weighs two ounces, it’ll cost you $2.62 in postage.

This can be in the form of one Global Forever Stamp, two Domestic Forever Stamps, and one 2-cent stamp.

Alternatively, you can overpay by $0.18 by using two Global Forever Stamps. You also have the option of using five Domestic Forever Stamps, in this instance, you will be overpaying by $0.38. 

Three Ounce Packages

For a letter/package that weighs three ounces, it’ll cost you $3.82 in postage.

This can be in the form of Two Global Forever Stamps, One Domestic Forever Stamp, plus a 24-cent Additional Ounce stamp, a 10-cent stamp, a 5-cent stamp, a 2-cent stamp, and a 1-cent stamp. 

If that seems like too much of a faff, you can opt to use three Global Forever Stamps where you’ll be overpaying by $0.38.

Similarly, you’ll overspend by $0.38 if you choose to pay with seven Domestic Forever Stamps. 

3.5 Ounce Packages

For a letter/package that weighs 3.5 ounces, it’ll cost you $5.04 in postage.

This can be in the form of three Global Forever Stamps, one Domestic Forever Stamp, and a 24-cent Additional Ounce Stamp. 

You’ll be paying an extra $0.56 if you decide to use four Global Forever Stamps.

Or alternatively, you can overpay by $0.36 by using nine Domestic Forever Stamps. 

3.5+ Ounce Packages

Once you get passed a package weighing 3.5 ounces, things start to get a little more complicated.

You can read about the rates on these types of packages here

How Many Stamps For A Postcard?

How Many Stamps For A Postcard?

If you’re sending a postcard to your friends or family in Germany from the US, you can do so with a singular Global Forever Stamp which will cost you $1.40.

However, there are some rules and regulations to follow and these are as follows: 

  • The postcard must be rectangular (no square or round shapes)
  • The postcard must be a minimum of three and a half inches high by five inches wide. It will also need to be at least 0.007 inches thick
  • It cannot exceed four and a quarter inches high or 6 inches wide. It can also not be thicker than 0.016 inches thick 

Envelope Requirements

When sending a letter from the US to Germany, there are certain requirements on your envelope and these are as follows: 

  • Envelopes must be a minimum of 5 inches tall, and 3.5 inches wide. 
  • Envelopes must not exceed 11.5 inches tall and 6 and an 8th inches wide. It should be no thicker than a quarter inch. 

You will also need to ensure that the envelope is of uniform thickness, that it is bendable, and rectangular in shape.

If it does not reach these requirements it will be classed as ‘non-machinable’ and it will cost you an extra $0.15 to send. 

If your envelope is square it will need to be a minimum of 5 inches. All square envelopes are classified as ‘non-machineable’ so you will be required to pay an additional $0.21 fee. 

How To Weigh Your Envelope?

Your best bet for weighing your envelope is a trusty pair of kitchen food scales.

Pop your envelope on the scales and then round it up to the closest ounce and then you can refer to the pricing that is mentioned above.  

Nice and easy! 

Where To Buy Stamps? 

You won’t be stuck for choices if you need to find somewhere to purchase your stamps from in the USA.

If you take a stroll to your nearest USPS post office, they’ll be able to sort you out with whatever stamps you need. 

If you are in no rush you can also purchase these stamps from

And you won’t really need to stress over delivery charges since a whole sheet of stamps will cost just over a dollar in postage. 

Alternatively, you can also purchase most stamps from stores such as Walmart. Amazon also carry stamps, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this option since they are much more expensive than they would be from USPS themselves. 

You’ll tend to find a lot of local banks also stock stamps, so you shouldn’t be stuck for choice finding somewhere to purchase them. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Forever Stamps are not only eligible for German post, but they are actually your easiest option.

From this article, you should have a much better understanding of exactly how many stamps you will need depending on how heavy the letter you are sending is. 

You can choose the cheapest payment option in some cases, which is to collect specific stamps that will add up to the price.

But sometimes it can be a lot less hassle to overpay slightly by using an extra domestic or global Forever Stamp.

I often do this just because it is only ever a couple of extra cents and is just a lot easier to purchase a sheet of one kind of stamp than it is to go finding the exact amounts.

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