Can You Send Medicine To Austria? Austrian Shipping Guide

Sending medication and pharmaceutical products abroad can be a confusing experience, and there are a number of rules, regulations, and requirements which set out the rules for each country and nation.

We took a closer look at shipping rules in Austria, particularly surrounding the sale and distribution of medicines, to help ensure that you have all the information you need.

Can You Send Medicine To Austria Austrian Shipping Guide

Can I Send Medicine To Austria?

The first thing to consider when sending medicine or pharmaceuticals overseas is whether it’s legal to do so.

The answer depends on where you live and what your destination is, and in Austria, the answer is a firm no – there are rules and regulations which prohibit the shipping of medicines into Austria from overseas, and these are governed by the Austrian Medicine Import Act.

This means that if you want to send medicine to Austria, you will need to find an alternative solution.

The only exception to this rule occurs if a traveler staying in Austria receives any medicines or drugs for their own personal use, but the quantity must be limited to the amount that any individual would typically use during the length of their stay, and must not exceed a total of three packages.

It is a good idea to ensure that you have a written statement or a prescription from your personal physician, stating that any medication is being used according to medical advice and that this is necessary for your health and overall well-being.

Are There Any Other Items That Cannot Be Sent To Austria?

There are also some other items that cannot be sent to Austria, including:

  • Alcoholic beverages (including wine)
  • Animals
  • Tobacco products, including cigarettes
  • Dangerous goods such as explosives, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, poisons, and toxic chemicals
  • Foodstuffs
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons
  • Perfumes
  • Medicines and Pharmaceuticals

What Are My Options For Sending A Package To Austria?

If you wish to ship anything to Austria, then you may be able to take advantage of one of the many international courier services available online.

These include DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, USPS, Royal Mail, and others. Each company has its own unique service, with different rates and delivery times, so it’s important to research them carefully before making a purchase.

You should also check the terms and conditions of each package delivery service, as they vary widely between companies. Some offer free shipping, while others charge a fee, and some even require a signature upon receipt.

It is always best to read through the details of each service before placing an order.

Some of the main couriers who will ship to Austria include:


FedEx is a major name in the world of online couriers and has a great reputation for delivering quickly and reliably around the globe.

They offer a wide range of options for both domestic and international shipments and provide a variety of tracking options to keep you informed about the progress of your shipment.

Their website offers a full list of countries and territories that they cover, along with contact details for local offices in each location.

Some of the main services offered by FedEx include Express Delivery, Priority Overnight, International Parcel Post, Global Freight Forwarding, and International Air Transport Association (IATA).


UPS is another popular choice among online couriers, offering a similar range of services to FedEx. Like FedEx, they offer a number of different types of deliveries, including express, priority overnight, standard ground, expedited, air freight, international parcel post, global freight forwarding, and IATA.

They also offer a wide range of tracking options, which can help you track the status of your shipment at all stages of the process.


TNT is a relatively new player on the market, but its services are already proving very popular. They offer a wide array of services, including express, priority, standard, next day, weekend, and international signed-for deliveries.

Their website provides a comprehensive list of countries and territories covered, along with contact information for local offices in each country.

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DHL is another leading international courier service, providing a broad range of services across Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, South America, and Australasia.

They have been operating since 1969 and operate more than 200,000 trucks worldwide.

The main services provided by DHL include express, standard, priority, international signed-for, and door-to-door deliveries.

How Can I Ensure That My Parcel Gets To Austria?

There are a number of steps that you need to take to ensure that your package reaches its intended location, and we have outlined these below:

Choose Your Courier Services

The first step in getting your package to Austria is to choose the right courier service, and there are a number of elements that make up this decision.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a courier is whether or not it covers the destination country – that is, that they will deliver to Austria. Some of the major companies that will achieve this include TNT, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others.

If you want to be sure that your package gets delivered to Austria, then you should choose one of these couriers, as they will do everything possible to get your package to its final destination.

Decide How Fast You Want Your Package To Travel

Once you’ve chosen your courier, you need to decide how fast you want your package to travel. This is because some couriers may charge extra if you need your package to reach the intended destination by a certain date.

For example, if you want your package to arrive before Christmas, then you might want to opt for an express delivery option.

However, if you don’t mind waiting until after Christmas, then you could go for a standard delivery option instead – this is likely to save you money.

Many courier services offer a number of speeds for your package, including standard, express, premium, super express, and so on. It’s always best to check their terms and conditions to see what speed they offer.

Check Their Terms And Conditions

It’s vital to read through the terms and conditions of any courier service before signing up.

These details will tell you exactly what you can expect from them, such as the maximum weight limit, the cost of shipping, and the time frame within which your package needs to be received.

You also need to know what happens if your package doesn’t arrive at its destination. Will they refund your payment? If not, who pays? What about customs clearance?

Do they provide insurance? All of these things need to be considered before you sign up for any courier service.

Make Sure That Your Package Is Safely Packaged

When sending your parcel to Austria, you need to make sure that it arrives safely.

Therefore, you should take care to ensure that you have packed your parcel securely, in appropriate packaging, and use a reputable courier service that has a good track record of delivering packages to Austria.

Final Thoughts

Getting your package to Austria shouldn’t be too difficult, but you still need to follow the above guidelines to ensure that it arrives safely, and make sure that any medicine that is sent is in line with the permitted requirements and legal regulations.

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