Does Deutsche Post Deliver On Sundays? [Everything You Need To Know]

All parcels are created equal with Deutsche Post. Whether your delivery is a matter of urgent business or it is simply a gift to a friend Deutsche Post regards these as equally important.

Does Deutsche Post Deliver On Sundays? [Everything You Need To Know]

The delivery company understands that each delivery is a priority to both sender and receiver which is probably why the company is well-revered for being reliable and reputable. 

And while there are so many offerings for its customers and it is mostly crystal clear with its rules and regulations, one question that I often hear people ask is what about Sundays? So, does Deutsche Post deliver on a Sunday?

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as a simple yes or no. It really just depends.

And while this doesn’t make anything clearer just yet, don’t worry, throughout this article, we’ll discuss the particular circumstances that mean Deutsche Post may or may not deliver that Parcel on a Sunday.  

Deutsche Sunday Deliveries

As the E-commerce industry becomes more and more saturated, companies have had to fiercely compete to try and fight for that number one spot.

And because of this, many companies have begun to roll out weekend deliveries. 

However, delivering on a Sunday is very different from your Saturday deliveries.

Introducing delivery on a Sunday is still a fairly new and novel idea that not all companies are yet 100% on board with. 

Deutsche Post has begun rolling out Sunday deliveries but it’s not available to the whole country yet as it is still in its early developing stages. 

Below you’ll find a few facts about Deutsche Sunday deliveries that are worth knowing: 

  • The company collaborates with other postal services on Sundays to deliver some of their shipments
  • Reliable smaller carriers will help complete the last step of deliveries on a Sunday
  • In certain countries where 7-day deliveries are standard, Deutsche Post will carry out weekend deliveries. 
  • The ‘Same Day Delivery’ policy is in effect every single day of the year for emergency deliveries including Sundays. 
  • For an extra delivery fee, Deutsche will deliver urgent packages to requesting customers on a Sunday. 

The Four Main Things To Know About Deutsche Post Sunday Deliveries

The Four Main Things To Know About Deutsche Post Sunday Deliveries. 
  1. The Same Day Delivery Policy Of Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post offers ‘Same Day Delivery Service’ for post that is a matter of urgency.

So you can be safe in the knowledge that they will be able to get your post to you or the recipient in no time at all. And as the name suggests, they will receive the item the same day that it is posted. 

 While some delivery services offer this option, there can sometimes be exemptions, like weekends or holidays.

However, Deutsche Post’s same day delivery service is up and running 365 days a year.

So you won’t need to check your calendar to see if there will be exemptions. There won’t be. Not even on Sundays. 

The service is offered for customers who have really crucial packages such as medical packages and the like.

There is an extra delivery fee for the service, but this is to be expected. 

  1. Deutsche Delivery Hour For Sunday 

The delivery hours for a Sunday are the exact same as their weekday hours for countries where weekend delivery is standard.

So if you are posting from a different country where deliveries are the usual on a Sunday, then your parcel will be delivered on a Sunday too. 

However, in the case of countries where weekend deliveries are not standard and are only done in the case of an emergency the delivery hours will be much shorter than that of a weekday and will usually only ever be delivered in the early morning. 

  1. Deutsche Sunday Delivery Costs

Again, much like the delivery hours, if it is standard in your country to have deliveries on a Sunday, then you will not be subjected to any additional costs. 

However, if Sunday deliveries are not standard in your country you can be expected to be charged an additional fee for any Sunday morning deliveries. 

Exactly how much you will be charged will all be determined by the size, weight, shape of the package, and the destination of the package.

If you would like a closer estimate of how much your delivery fees will be you can use the Deutsche Posts Shipping Rate Calculator. 

This tool will give you estimations based on whether you book online, are dropping the parcel off at a nearby location, or are booking via telephone. 

Typically, you’ll be looking at upwards of $50 per shipment for an emergency Sunday delivery. 

  1. Deutsche Sunday Deliveries & Different Countries

As we’ve spoken about above, there are different rules for Deutsche Post depending on which location the parcel is being posted from/to.

This isn’t just the case for Sundays, but generally overall. Even weekday delivery timings and shipping will vary from country to country. 

Most Christian countries tend not to post on Sundays unless it’s an emergency, while many Gulf countries will post on the weekend exactly as they would on weekdays.

And this will impact how Deutsche handles your delivery. 

And to their credit, Deutsche Post does work tirelessly to try and meet the demand of each and every country to the best of its ability.  

Below I’ve listed some of the countries that have Deutsche delivery conditions. 


For the United States of America, Deutsche delivery will be available between Monday-Friday 9-5.

Your standard business hours. You can still obtain a Sunday delivery though if you request it as an emergency/urgent package. This will incur an additional fee. 

Europe & UK 

In this case, delivery will be available Monday-Saturday from 8 am until 6 pm.

Sunday deliveries can be possible when requested as an emergency/urgent package but again this will come with an additional fee and the Sunday delivery times will be shorter than the weekday hours. 


Standard delivery is available Monday-Friday from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Weekend delivery options are available for Malaysia but they operate only until 12.30 am on Sundays. 


For Asia, Deutsche Post will deliver throughout the whole weekend for no additional fee and will sometimes even deliver a package on a public holiday. 


Your standard delivery hours will be between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday. Weekend requests can be made, but again this will incur an additional charge. 

Final Thoughts

While Sunday delivery times are only really just beginning, I don’t think it will be all that long until globally they are an accepted norm.

More and more companies continue to offer additional services such as out-of-hour delivery options to help them stand out from other service providers. 

Of course, this then means that all the other companies begin to roll out similar services in order to be able to compete.

And as I say, I believe that this will soon become a standard process. 

Hopefully, though, through this article, you have a better understanding of the Sunday services that are currently available with Deutsche Post.

Keep your eyes peeled, I wouldn’t be surprised if before long these policies are updated to become even more accommodating than they already are.

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