Does The German Post Office Own DHL? How It Works

DHL is a global shipping company with a great reputation – but is it really owned by the German post office?

We took a closer look at this commonly cited fact and put together all you need to know about the German post office, DHL, and the connection and relationship between these two.

Does The German Post Office Own DHL [How It Works]

What Is DHL?

DHL (Deutsche Post AG) is one of the world’s largest logistics companies, operating in more than 220 countries around the globe.

Founded in 1969 as a mail-forwarding business in the United States, today DHL offers an extensive range of services including international express delivery, parcel delivery, freight forwarding, postal services, document handling, eCommerce solutions, and IT services.

The company has over 400,000 employees worldwide, operates from more than 2,900 locations, and serves customers through its own network of regional hubs and local offices.

The company was originally founded in San Francisco in 1969 and expanded across the world throughout the duration of the 70s.

The main focus was initially on offshore and intercontinental deliveries, but the brand was inspired by the success of FedEx and used this as a motivation for expansion.

The involvement of Deutsche Post occurred in 1998 when they started to acquire shares in DHL, reaching a controlling interest in 2001, and acquiring all outstanding shares in 2002.

Following this acquisition, DHL was absorbed into the Express division of Deutsche Post, and the DHL brand was used across a range of other divisions, subsidiaries, and business units within the company.

In short, therefore, it is a reasonable statement to claim that the German post office, Deutsche Post, does own DHL and the associated brand, and this puts them in a powerful position in the world of global shipping, logistics, and distribution.

What Services Does DHL Offer?

DHL provides a wide range of services, which include:

International Express Delivery

International Express delivery is provided via their Global Forwarding Network (GFN), which includes over 1,100 service centers located in more than 200 countries.

This allows customers to send parcels internationally, quickly, and efficiently.

Parcel Deliveries

DHL also offers a number of different parcel delivery options, ranging from standard courier services to door-to-door delivery, or even same-day delivery.

They have a dedicated parcel delivery team who will deliver your package anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Freight Forwarding

DHL provides a full range of freight forwarding services, allowing customers to ship goods both domestically and internationally.

These can be shipped using any of the following methods: airfreight, sea freight, road transport, rail transport, truck transport, container transport, or specialized transportation such as refrigerated containers.

What Are The Advantages of DHL?

There are many advantages to choosing DHL for your shipping needs, including:

Competitive Pricing

One of the biggest benefits of working with DHL is the fact that they operate at a much lower cost than most other major shipping providers.

Their low prices allow you to save money on shipping costs, while still receiving high-quality products.

The price of DHL depends on how large your order is, what type of shipping method you require, and whether you need express delivery or not.

24/7 Customer Service

Another great benefit of working with DHL is that they offer a 24-hour customer support line, where you can get help with anything related to your shipment.

You can contact DHL online, or call their customer care center directly.

Trusted Brand

Another reason why people choose DHL is because of their trusted brand name.

Many companies use the DHL logo to show that they are reliable, trustworthy, and dependable, so if you want to make sure that your product arrives safely, then DHL is the best option available.

Tracking Options

If you would like to track your shipment, DHL offers tracking information for all shipments sent through their network. You can find out exactly when your shipment will arrive, and where it is currently located.

When you place an order with DHL, they will assign a unique tracking code to your shipment. When your item has been delivered, you can log into your account on and view your tracking details.

If you wish to know where your item is currently located, simply click on the ‘Track Now’ button.

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Another advantage of working with DHL for international shipping is that they are fully insured against loss or damage during transit.

This means that if your package gets lost or damaged, you won’t have to worry about paying extra charges for insurance.

Delivery Times

DHL provides a wide variety of delivery times, depending on the country you are sending your items to.

For example, if you are ordering from Germany, you can expect your order to arrive within 1 – 2 business days. However, if you are ordering something from Australia, you may receive your order in up to 5 business days.

What Other Mail Options Do I Have In Germany?

There are a number of options available to those looking to post letters and parcels in Germany, and these include:

Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post is the official postal service provider for Germany. They offer standard letter post, which allows you to send letters weighing up to 20 grams.

Federal Express

Federal Express is another popular choice for sending parcels to Germany. They provide fast and efficient parcel delivery, but only offer limited tracking options.


TNT is another popular choice for international shipping. They offer both standard and priority postage rates, as well as various tracking options.

Express shipping is also available for those who want to ship large packages quickly. TNT offers this service, along with several other shipping methods.

How Do I Choose The Best Shipping Service For My Needs?

So, just how do you go about choosing the best shipping service for your needs? There are a number of factors that will influence your decision, and these include:


The first thing you need to consider is what type of shipping costs you will incur. Will you be using a courier company, or will you be purchasing your own shipping box?

As a rule, the cost will be determined by weight, size, and destination.


Next, you should think about how long it will take for your package to reach its final destination. How much time does it usually take for a package to get there? What sort of delays might occur?


Finally, you should think about whether you want to pay extra for additional security measures.

Some countries require special customs clearance procedures, and this could mean having to pay more money to ensure that your package arrives safely.

Tracking Options

You should also look at the tracking options offered by each shipping method. Are you able to track your package online?

Can you check when your package was received? These are all important questions to ask yourself before making any decisions.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it -confirmation about the relationship and connection between the German post office, and the DHL courier company, as well as all you need to know about choosing the right courier service for your needs and requirements, to ensure that your package reaches its intended destination in no time.

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