How Can I Find My Tracking Number?

We have all done it, we ordered something from a company and it just feels like it is taking too long to be delivered.

How Can I Find My Tracking Number?

How do we go about finding our package? That would be the tracking number. 

Whenever you order something on the internet your order will be assigned a tracking number that is wholly unique to you.

This number will allow you to easily track and see the current location of your order.

The tracking number will typically be found in the confirmation email or text message. 

There are many methods to find your tracking number and if you can not then there are ways to locate it so you can get the exact location of that particular order you have been waiting on for weeks. 

Read on and we will tell you all you need to know about tracking numbers and go in depth with the methods you will have at your disposal to find your tracking number.

Through Email

Firstly make sure you check your emails for the confirmation email.

This is the best method to find your tracking number, whenever you buy a product you will be sent an email in which your tracking number will be listed along with the estimated delivery date. 

If you do not receive one immediately then it may take a few days to be processed.

If after three days you still have not received an email then you should be messaging the seller and check that it has been sent off for delivery.

If you do not have an email do not panic and assume that it has just not been sent out before reaching out to the supplier.

Be sure to check your spam and unknown sender folder to make sure that it has not accidentally been detected by software and dumped in those bins.  

Finally make sure that once you have received the email you archive it.

This is important as it will save you plenty of time if you need to find the email again, saving you digging through your mail for it.

It is also great just to have it handy if there are any issues that come up down the line.

Locating The Tracking Number

Look through the email until you find the words tracking number. Or a long line of numbers a tracking number is unique to every order meaning no two are the same.

The number should be listed under a link that will be along the lines of “Track This Package” or “Track The Order.”

You will not receive your tracking number until after the item has been dispatched.

When the order is still processing or there is another handling period, then you will not be able to see the tracking until it is in the system and out for delivery. 

Next click the link to get your information companies, when you click the link you will be sent straight to the shippers website.

When sent there you will find any and all information you do need on your orders current status and the current location of the package. 

The best thing about the hyperlinks is that anytime you wish to find an update on the order you can go directly to the same page and see how it has been updated as time progresses. 

Finally we have the issue of the tracking number not being on a clickable link. So what do you do in this case?

The solution is simple, all that you need to do is copy the text that contains the number.

Go to the shipping companies website and then insert the number into their tracking form.

You must make sure to only highlight the number as any other text will cause the tracker to not be able to find the package.

How Can I Find My Tracking Number?

Over The Phone

Firstly, search for the shipping company’s phone contact number.

The number will allow you to reach the company’s customer service department, some will have multiple numbers listed so make sure you are calling the correct one, this will be the number related to shipping. 

It may seem like a major inconvenience but calling the customer service line will be the only way to get the tracking number over the phone if you did not get one immediately after ordering the product. 

Call the number and make sure to listen to the instructions provided over the phone before you are put through to a representative.

When you do get through to a human you can ask for all the information that you need, this can be the tracking number, the progress of your order and the shipping process if you need more information about it.

Calling over the phone is also better if you have not been assigned a tracking number, in this case the representative you are talking to over the phone then they will be able to get you a new one or look up the original number that you did not get. 

On the phone you should expect to answer a few questions and reveal some bits of information for the rep to be able to find your order.

This information can be something as simple as your name, email address or phone number.

Make sure to keep note of the tracking number once they tell you it so you will not have to call up again in case you forget it. 

If you have your tracking number but just wish to know the precise location of your delivery then you can also do this.

All that you will need to do on the phone is to read out your tracking number out loud to the representative.

They will then use the number to locate the order and check the current status of the package whilst you are speaking to them on the phone letting you know immediately how long it will take for it to either be processed or if out for delivery when it will be delivered to you. 

Final Thoughts

Not every tracking number will be just numbers there are some with letters so do not be fooled into just taking the numbers to track the order you must also use the letters as they are a part of the tracking code.

You must always put the code in exactly as it appears even if you think it is the wrong one. 

Sometimes you can bypass the need for contacting the company as you can simply go through the seller themselves to find out the progress of your order.

Most delivery companies will also have apps that if you are signed up to you can track any orders without the need for searching a specific number.

Any orders that they handle will be stored in the app itself. 

Simply find the delivery service who are handling your order, see if they have an app and then download it and have a stress free time tracking your order. 

Only go through the shipper if you can not find the tracking number.

Your first call should be to scour your email thoroughly before resorting to any of the options we have discussed.

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