How Long Does Deutsche Post Take To Deliver Internationally From Germany? [Postage Times]

Whatever you need to post internationally, you should be able to estimate how long it takes to get there from Germany by using Deutsche Post.

How Long Does Deutsche Post Take To Deliver Internationally From Germany? [Postage Times]

Especially if you need your package or letter to arrive by a certain date, for a birthday or the holidays.

Thankfully, Deutsche Post dominates the German mail market, so whether it’s for eCommerce, Business mail, or personal mail, it should get there on time.

In this guide, we will look at typical international delivery times and what you can post internationally with Deutsche Post.

We will also look at why you should use Deutsche Post for international deliveries from Germany and their shipment tracking. 

Typical International Delivery Times With Deutsche Post

To a non-European Union country, you can usually expect your package to take between one and two weeks to arrive when delivered with Deutsche Post.

If the country is in the European Union, you can expect it to arrive even sooner at only two to three days.

However, Deutsche Post does limit its international express delivery service to only packages of a small weight, which you can expect for magazines and letters.

Even for small-weight packages, you can still expect them to be delivered within two to three days to non-European Union countries, and even the next business day if the country is in the European Union.

What You Can Post Internationally With Deutsche Post

If you want to send some business mail, press products, or lightweight items across the globe then you should use Deutsche Post International.

With tracking options and easy-to-use processing, any location should not feel too out of reach.

Deutsche Post’s shipping services include those for express delivery where you can send urgent packages to be sent in a timeframe of 24 to 72 hours globally.

For regular packages, a van delivery service can be used while large quantities of goods can be effectively delivered with a freight transport service. 

Why You Should Choose Deutsche Post For International Deliveries From Germany

Simply, as the largest courier company in the world, Deutsche Post is a huge multinational parcel delivery and supply chain company.

However, you may know its Express division by a different name; DHL delivers parcels to approximately 220 countries and it is growing.

If there is not a Deutsche Post branch then there should be one of DHL and there are several warehouses, processing plants, and transit stations situated globally.

With so many countries covered, international deliveries from Germany are in good hands when sent with Deutsche Post. 

As Deutsche Post, and its subsidiary, DHL, are responsible for so many packages being sent internationally from Germany, they should be reputable.

Thankfully, as the largest logistics company globally, Deutsche Post is known to be a market leader when it comes to transporting millions of packages every year around the world.

The company has built on its reputation for reliability by strengthening its operational and network capacity to become a hugely reliable logistics company. 

With such a reputation, customers keep coming back to use Deutsche Post and DHL to ensure that their package arrives on time.

That includes international delivery and includes some of the best visibility for shipments and parcel tracking.

Every single international shipment that is delivered with Deutsche Post comes with its own unique tracking number which can be inputted online or via an app.

You should be confident that Deutsche Post can deliver your package on time but it helps to know where it is whenever you need to.  

How Long Does Deutsche Post Take To Deliver Internationally From Germany? [Postage Times]

Deutsche Post’s Shipment Tracking

If you really want to keep tabs on how your package is being delivered internationally, try to use Deutsche Post’s Shipment Tracking service.

With a shipment number, you can find the location of your package as it is being delivered within seconds, no matter where in the world it may be.

The service works alongside many courier services globally, including Europe and the USA, the UK, Australia, South America, and Canada. 

The tracker can be downloaded onto your smartphone for both iOS and Android and even comes with a map view.

If there are any changes to your delivery, then the tracker can notify you instantly.

Even adjust the settings so you are only notified when there is an essential change to your delivery.

The shipment number is typically a unique combination of letters and numbers that you can use to track your package.

Inputted successfully into a tracker, the number can provide live updates on the status and location of your package.

The Deutsche Post shipment numbers begin with two capital letters then nine numbers and end with the two letters ‘DE’.

For example, that should be EX 345 678 911 DE or SH 987 654 321 DE. 

You should receive a receipt that includes the shipment number so you can track it at your leisure.

Alternatively, a shipping label will contain the shipment number or it could be included on the confirmation email if you provided your email address as the seller.

If you are the individual set to receive the package sent from Germany then you can ask your sender to send across the number. 

Final Thoughts

Since becoming privatized in 1995, Deutsche Post has grown to become the world’s bigger couriers.

That means an express service that delivers to over 220 countries so wherever your package needs to get to, you can trust Deutsche Post.

With DHL as a subsidiary of Deutsche Post for taking care of international deliveries, you can rest assured that the package should arrive on time. 

Deutsche Post’s shipping time for international packages varies throughout their range of services.

It can deliver packages in around one to two weeks to a non-European country.

However, for EU countries that delivery time is reduced to between two and three days for small-weight packages like magazines and letters.

For those larger packages, you should use DHL as the subsidiary has a more comprehensive network at its disposal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Days Will Deutsche Post Keep Hold Of A Package?

Unless a delivery date has been agreed upon, Deutsche Post will typically hold a package for just seven days at the very most.

If the package cannot be picked up within those seven days, Deutsche Post will attempt to contact the sender of the package first and issue some new instructions for the package not being picked up.

This will involve directions of where the package can be sent to instead of the initial address.

If there are no new instructions and the package has been picked up then it will be returned to the sender but the actual holding of the package does not come with a charge. 

What Should I Do If The Recipient Says That The Package From Deutsche Post Has Not Arrived?

If you can confirm that your package has not been received then you can report it as stolen or lost.

You should wait a few days before reporting it to customer service as packages can be delayed by bad weather, customs issues, or simply logistical backlogs.

First, contact Deutsche Post by using their online contact form or call them on the telephone to let them know.

There is some peace of mind that the vast majority of Deutsche Post packages will be insured at a value of up to €50, that is if they are unable to locate it. 

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