How Much Does A Regular Stamp Cost In Germany?

The German postal system is famed for its efficiency and ease of use.

How Much Does A Regular Stamp Cost In Germany?

Deutsche Post is the main postal carrier in Germany, they are a branch of the parent company known as Deutsche Post DHL Group which is based in the city of Bonn.

If you’re new to Germany and aren’t sure how the postal system works yet, then stay with us to find out.

In this article, learn how much a regular stamp costs in Germany and how you can use this stamp to post your letters.

Hopefully we can answer all your post-related questions in one go. 

Where To Buy Stamps In Germany 

Purchasing stamps in Germany is simple and easy to do. Local post offices, shops, and the Deutsche Post website all sell any kind of stamps.

Look out for the Deutsche Post or DHL logos in the window of a shop or kiosk as this indicates whether or not they will sell postage items.

The Deutsche Post website has a retail outlet finder that can help with this. 

For those that are pressed for time or just would like something a little more convenient, they can also use their smartphone to purchase a stamp.

To do this, the individual sends a text to purchase a stamp, when they’ve paid for it they then receive a code to write on the envelope in place of a stamp.

This is a little more costly but many people prefer to do it this way. 

Can You Send An International Letter With A Regular Stamp?

Letters sent to international destinations from Germany cannot be sent with a regular stamp.

International stamps can be purchased from the same places as regular stamps such as online or in a post office.

Prices for international stamps are the same regardless of whether you’re sending them to Europe to further afield. 

The prices of sending letters internationally are as follows:

  • Postcard = € 0,95 
  • Standard letter up to 20g = € 1,10
  • Compact Letter up to 50g = € 1,70  

It is important to double-check the dimensions of your letters to comply with the right category when buying stamps online.

If the right postage isn’t selected then you may be faced with additional charges or the letter will not be sent.

Check the Deutsche Post website for more information and other available services, such as signed-for delivery options. 

International letters should take around 3-6 days to reach European countries, between 5-9 days to reach the USA and Canada, and 6-13 days to reach areas in the rest of the world.

This can vary depending on the shipping type selected and other variables out of the postal carriers’ control. 

Formatting The Address Correctly

For letters to reach the intended end destination, the address written on the front must be in the correct format.

The German postal system is very strict about this as there are many automatic scanning machines involved in their postal operations.

Therefore, these machines need to be able to clearly identify the address and other postal information.

Correctly displaying the address on the front of the envelope also ensures that your letters will get to their destination a lot quicker. The correct format is as follows: 

  • The sender’s address should be written in the top left corner
  • The recipient’s address goes in the bottom right corner
  • Place the stamp in the top right corner 

When writing the address, there is also a particular format to follow with this too. Each line should be represented as follows:  

How Much Does A Regular Stamp Cost In Germany?
  1. The name of the recipient 
  2. The street name and building number
  3. The postal code and name of the city 

Remember not to write up to the edge of the envelope, there needs to be a gap around all edges to be read correctly by the sorting machines. 

How Long Will It Take To Send A Letter?

Once you’ve stamped your letter and dropped it off in a post box or at the post office, it should arrive at the recipient’s address within one business day.

At most, letters sent locally will take no more than two days to arrive. As the German postal system is so efficient, there aren’t first or second-class stamps.

Although various express shipping options are available. 

The pick-up times of each post box in Germany can be found online, this allows you to ensure that you drop off your letters in time for the post to be collected for a quicker delivery.

Online tools from Deutsche Post can also point you in the right direction of your nearest post box or post office. 

Where To Post Your Letters

Once you’ve bought your stamps and written the address on the front of the envelope, it’s time to post the letter.

If you haven’t already realised, the post boxes in Germany are bright yellow so they aren’t easy to miss! 

There are two slots in German postboxes, one is for local mail and the other is for anything further afield.

Putting your letters in the correct post box helps to speed up the delivery process. 

How Much Does A Stamp Cost In 2022?

The cost of a stamp in 2022 depends on the size and weight of the letter you’re sending.

The price of stamps has slightly increased over the past year for the first time since 2019. The prices have increased by around 5 cents due to inflation.

Here is a list of the current letter and postcard postage prices: 

  • Postcard = € 0,70 
  • Standard letter up to 20g in weight = € 0,85 
  • A ‘compact’ letter up to 50g in weight = € 1,00
  • Big letters up to 500g in weight = € 1,60

Double checking the weight and dimensions of your letters and other forms of post is important as incorrect postage may mean there will be no attempt to deliver your letter. 

Final Thoughts

Although there is a lot of information here as well as rules to follow with regard to formatting the envelope, sending letters in Germany is actually very simple.

Stamps can be bought online and your letters will be delivered in a timely manner if you follow the correct formatting. 

 We hope you found this article interesting and informative, helping you better understand how much regular stamps cost in Germany and gain a better understanding of how the postal system works in general. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Send A Letter To Germany In 2022?

Sending a letter from countries such as the UK to Germany will cost £1.85. This is the same for all letters up to 100g.

Large letters cost upwards of £3.25. Make sure to check the dimensions and weights of your letters before purchasing any postage online.

The cost of sending letters to Germany from countries further away will vary.

How Long Does A Letter To Germany Take?

Sending a letter from the UK to Germany will take between 3 to 4 working days through international tracked and signed postage via the Royal Mail.

Sending letters from the USA to Germany will take longer with first-class international services taking 11-20 business days with USPS. 

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