How To Contact Austrian Post-5 Simple Ways

Do you need to contact the Austrian Post? This could be for several different reasons, such as a portal error.

How To Contact Austrian Post-5 Simple Ways

Alternatively, you may simply have a burning question about the services that Austrian Post provides.

Getting in touch with the Austrian Post is surprisingly easy. This is because the company has a dedicated customer centre, which you can contact in a variety of ways. 

No matter what you need to contact the Austrian Post, here are 5 simple methods.

What Is The Austrian Post?

Austrian Post, also known as Österreichische Post, is a postal service that has been serving Austria since 1999. It is one of the largest postal services in the region.

Yet, the service also delivers to other European countries. Austrian Post is based in Vienna, the country’s capital city.

5 Ways to Contact Austrian Post

Contact Form

Austrian Post offers a convenient contact form that makes it super simple to lodge an inquiry. All you have to do is fill out this contact form

There are two questions for you to answer, which you can answer with a useful drop-down menu. This allows you to refine your inquiry. 

Once you have selected your inquiry, you will be directed to where you can find the answers. For instance, you could be redirected to another part of the website. 

Alternatively, you may be asked to fill in a more specific form whereby you will have to enter all of your personal details.

Moreover, you can send a specific message to the customer centre. This way, you can be given more specific answers. 

The downside of this particular method is that the contact form is a little limiting, allowing you to only submit a limited range of inquiries.

This is because you have to choose from a drop-down menu to better define your problem.

Thankfully, the message option enables customers to give a more specific response of 3,500 characters.

So if you have a more specific or complex issue, this is a great place to explain it before you submit the contact form.

Phone Number For Private Clients

Austrian Post offers two different customer care numbers depending on the type of client. Namely, there is a phone number for private clients and business clients.

Private clients tend to be more wealthy investors. Because of their value to the business, private clients have wider access to the Austrian Post customer centre.

This way, the customer service can better serve its private clients.

The private client line is open from Monday to Saturday. In contrast, the business client phone line is only available 5 days a week.

From Monday to Friday, the private client line is available from 7 am to 7 pm. Meanwhile, on Saturday, this hotline can be reached from 8 am to 1 pm.

The only day on which you cannot use this phone number is on Sunday.

If you are a private client that needs to contact Austrian Post, simply call +43 800 010 100.

Austrian Post delivers amazing customer service so they’re sure to support you or provide useful answers.

Phone Number For Business Clients

If you are a business client, there is a more limited time frame in which you can contact the customer centre.

Namely, business clients can only contact Austrian Post from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.

A business client is defined as any customer that invests in the products or services of a business. 

If you are a business client who needs to contact Austrian Post, all you have to do is call +43 800 212 212.

This department will be able to answer any questions you have or help you in any way you require.

How To Contact Austrian Post-5 Simple Ways


Moreover, you can email the Austrian Post at [email protected]. This is useful when you need to contact the customer centre outside of the allotted opening times.

Though your email will not receive a response immediately, you can be contacted once the customer centre is open. 

So if you have a busy schedule, emailing the Austrian Post may be the best option. Just bear in mind that it may take a while for your query to receive a reply.

So if you prefer a more timely response, giving the company a call may be the superior option.


Lastly, if you want to know the status of your delivery, you don’t have to contact the Austrian Post directly. Instead, you can take advantage of the simple tracking service.

This enables you to see what stage of the delivery process your parcel is currently in.

Just bear in mind that you will need to know details about the parcel, specifically the tracking number.

Once you have this number, all you have to do is insert it into the Austrian Post’s online tracker. This can be found right here!

If you have ordered something online that is being couriered by the Austrian Post, you should receive the tracking number in an email.

Keep a note of this tracking number so that you can receive more information about the status of your package.

Moreover, tracking is an optional extra that you can sign up for when you have sent the parcel.

If you have not chosen to include tracking in your purchase, then you will be unable to use this nifty service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Is The Austrian Post?

Small items, such as greetings cards and postcards, will often be delivered 2 days after they have been sent to domestic addresses.

Often, parcels will take a little longer. Likewise, if you are sending a card to a different European country, you should expect it to arrive between 2 and 4 days later.

What Is The Best Austrian Post Option For Fast Shipping?

If you need to urgently send a parcel, your best bet is to use the Post Express service. You can use this service both for international and domestic postage.

If you opt for Post Express on a domestic parcel, it will arrive at the destination by 1 pm on the following day.

Just remember that Express Post will be more expensive than standard delivery services.

How Much Does It Cost To Send A Parcel With The Austrian Post?

The answer is that the cost of delivery for a parcel will differ. This is because it will depend on whether you are sending a parcel domestically or if you are sending it further afield.

The further away the destination is, the more the postage will cost.

Moreover, this cost can be dependent on the size of your parcel. Larger packages will be more expensive to send than smaller ones.

Luckily, the Austrian Post has a helpful rate calculator that allows you to work out how much the postage will cost.

Final Thoughts

Australia Post is an incredible courier service that’s super straightforward to get in contact with.

These 5 methods are not only extremely easy, but the variety of outstanding options makes it easy for you to find the solution that works best for you. 

So whether you prefer to use a contact form or a phone number, the brilliant customer centre at Austrian Post is amazingly accessible!

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