About Us

With it being easier than ever to send a parcel across the world, you might be planning on sending something big. But are you ready for the customs, tax, and tracking details you might have to deal with? 

Hi, my name is Andy Demar and I have been working in the postal industry for almost 15 years. I have seen and heard about it all - big packages, small parcels, suspicious boxes, difficulties with getting them from A to B. 

Anyone who wants to know about getting their parcels shipped comes to me. And I like helping people!

I mainly work for German and Austrian shipping companies, so I know most about these and how they work. Every country in the world has a different method of shipping parcels, so it’s important to know which you’re working with. 

If you want to know about postage prices, this is the website to bookmark! Whether it’s stamps or post office fees, I’m here to help you through this lengthy process. 

I have now worked specifically in the customs sector for five years, learning about charges, customs, and tax. It’s undoubtedly the most difficult part of sending anything overseas, which is why I want to share my knowledge with you. 

This website is for just that - so that you can feel more prepared the next time you need to send a parcel. It’s difficult to keep connected with loved ones across the world, but knowing how to post things to them makes it just a little easier.